CBS Echoes Debunked Polio Vaccine Success Story

Leftist propaganda outlet CBS News repeated the debunked claims about victory against polio with vaccination in a story “How the fight against polio was won” that was featured on Yahoo News (of course).

The story repeats the clichéd alleged history of widespread polio cases around the world. The stats provided are without source and any mention of method of verification. The story claims:

After World War II, polio became an ever-greater national threat:  “The three-year statistics run 50,000 polio cases, 103,000 cases, 122,000 cases,” Cronkite said. “Where will it end?”  

No source of the stats is provided. No details of by whom and by what means the diagnoses were made are included. And at best the story’s claim remains just that: an unsupported, unverified claim.

Then the story repeats the often-cited case of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt who was allegedly a victim of polio.

He told correspondent Rita Braver that one pivotal adult was left paralyzed from the waist down: Franklin D. Roosevelt, who would later become president. Roosevelt was 39 years old when he contracted the disease.

This is an uncorroborated claim echoed over and over to make it sound like a fact. But no medical proof was ever provided of Roosevelt having polio; he wasn’t lab tested and like all polio diagnosis back then, it was just a few symptoms the doctor had to look at and declare it polio. Now, with improved knowledge it is believed that at least some (or I’ll say any) of those cases can’t be called polio but other conditions that have exactly the same symptoms. That is why FDR’s polio diagnosis is challenged now and at least some scientists believe he had Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Since all these stories are basically advertorials for the vaccine mafia masked as journalistic articles or analyses, it wasn’t unexpected to see this coming in the story in question.

Sixty-five years later, with polio all but eradicated, it remains to be seen if the creators of a coronavirus vaccine will feel the same way. 

That’s something to laugh at because there is evidence that the polio vaccine prevented or stopped polio or that polio was a highly contagious disease at all. In fact the polio vaccines brought its own diseases, disabilities, and polio epidemics to the people who either took the vaccine or happened to be in communities that were vaccinated. The failure of the polio vaccine and the real causes behind the “disappearance” of polio are highlighted in Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ presentation.

The CBS story in question is essentially a promotional piece for the vaccine mafia and lacks evidence to back its claims some of which, like the Roosevelt contracting polio, are already discarded by revised historical records. On Skepticle Scale, this story is a full 10/10.

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