The Age Publishes Australian Politician’s COVID 19 Vaccine Rant

The idiocy and sold-out nature of left-wingers showed in all its glory when Australian politicians Raff Ciccone, federal Labor senator for Victoria, posted a propaganda blog in The Age on June 16th.

The opinion piece titled “New COVID-19 restrictions will be needed for anti-vaxxers” is very expectedly devoid of reason and starts with one command for the anti-vaxxers:

To anti-vaxxers, I have one message: our tolerance for your wilful ignorance is over.

Raff Ciccone —or let’s call him Riff-Raff Cocaine—goes on to say he doesn’t want forced vaccination for those who would refuse COVID 19 vaccine, but that he does want them to bear the consequences of their decision. It’s like telling a child I am not going to force to take this medicine but if you say no to it, I’m goanna teach you a lesson for saying no to me.

In his extended nonsense littered over the rest of his piece, Riff-Raff Cocaine proposes a number of different punishments for those who refuse to take the COVID 19 vaccine from tracking them to banning them from buying things or entering places. Typical liberal fascist mindset!

Interestingly, this propagandist goes on to taunt anti-vaxxers with the reminder that because they are in minority, they will be treated as such. Wait, isn’t it the core of liberalism to stand for minority rights and minority voices? But then hypocrisy is the key ingredient of a liberal dumpling.  

Lastly, Riff-Raff Cocaine makes an effort to be indifferent to what others say.

I know after writing this my office will be inundated with correspondence from anti-vaccination activists demanding to be heard. For those of you who do contact me, know this. I have no interest in your alternative “facts” or your conspiracy theories.

So one is tempted to see how popular he happens to be. His Twitter @SenRaffCiccone shows he has only 2000 something followers – compare that to America’s leading vaccine critic Robert Kennedy Jr.’s (@RobertKennedyJr) 129 plus thousand followers.

So really dude Riff-Raff, you think people have time to waste on you? LOLS.

Raff Ciccone’s post on The Age has less overall value than a random fart in some public toilet. It  ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

The Intercept Trying to Justify Brutal Attack of Rioters on Dallas Man

When a murderous mob of rioters savagely attacked a Dallas (TX) man on May 30th and left him critically wounded in the wake of ongoing riots, mislabeled as “George Floyd protests”, leftist propagandists rushed to defend and justify the crime of the mob.

On May 31st, The Intercept published an article titled “Trump Boosts Video of Dallas Clash Edited to Cast Machete-Wielding Vigilante as Victim” by a leftist propagandist Robert Mackey. As evident from the title of his piece, the propagandist meant to imply that the mean brutally attacked by the mob of mainly black men on the street, was to blame for the crime and that he was not a “victim”. Instead of proving his claim, however, Mackey only littered the place with unsupported claims and pro-rioter propaganda.

The propagandist in question claimed that a “protester” has the full video showing that the victim actually initiated the attack. Yet, he didn’t post any video showing so. Instead the video he included shows the white man with machete being attacked by the mob as they pelt him with rocks. And when he retreats, the mob chases him, continuing to throw rocks at him, and escalating the situation.

Then Mackey conveniently cites a “protester” called Measho to make a claim that is not supported by video evidence.

Measho said that what he hadn’t captured on camera was the man slashing the skateboarder’s hand with the machete before the group pounced on him.

No video evidence for this? How convenient! So the claim remains a claim and that by someone who is not neutral or independent but part of the criminal mob. Then the writer cites the same “protester” to claim that the mob only broke glass although glass at “Hatchways at some point on Saturday night” but did not loot or engage in violence until the mob assault happened, saying this shows that those were not rioters. Breaking glasses or attacking property in any way IS rioting. If Mackey is so ignorant of what a rioting means, he could simply look it up in a dictionary.   

Mackey also tried to show Trump was echoing the “false claim” that the man was left dying on the street. And he includes a tweet with an image of the victim being provided first aid at the spot where he was assaulted by the mob. Again, this doesn’t show Trump or those said it first were wrong when they said he was left dying there since the video evidence does suggest the aggressive mob left him they saw he was unresponsive, lying bloody and beaten up.

Robert Mackey’s propaganda is the kind of nonsense that enables and encourages criminals like the looters and terrorists that have been destroying people’s property and businesses and disrupting the life of peaceful civilians across America using George Floyd’s death as an excuse.

Mackey surely will have his audience of leftist dummies but his post shows his clear bias and political agenda. His post ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

Nature Tries to Convince US Government to Keep Funding WHO

The credibility of all science journals by now has been stained with a big question mark as their incompetence and undisclosed corporate/political affiliations are observed across the world. Nature, one of the most “prestigious” science journals, was recently seen engage in active propaganda serving the globalist establishment.

Along with scientific papers, Nature also publishes opinion articles, book reviews, and other writings. In the News section, on 27th of May 2020, the journal published Amy Maxmen’s opinion piece “What a US exit from the WHO means for COVID-19 and global health.” The write-up expresses concern over President Trump’s decision to cut off the US funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) in wake of the organization’s questionable handling of the COVID 19 emergency. The post is a jumble of statements from different health “experts” without much substance or specific evidence to back up the claims made by those “experts” and the author of the post.

First, the writer tries to discredit President Trump by referring to an issue with the phrasing of a letter tweeted by the President on May 18 wherein he criticized the WHO for not taking timely action to address the impending COVID 19 crisis. Though Trump didn’t state in the tweet the reports were published in The Lancet in December 2019 (which some pointed out), assuming if he did make the error about the date, his criticism of WHO remains valid. WHO did not do anything about stopping or restricting the so-called “pandemic” and only called it so in third week of March.

Secondly the writer does something which many propagandists do: make claims without including specifics or linking to sources that provide those specifics. She writes:

The journal also refuted other allegations in the letter, concluding that the claims are “damaging to efforts to strengthen international collaboration to control this pandemic.”

Refuted other allegations? And what allegations would they be? The writer doesn’t say a word about it but rushes on to repeat what the journal said.

The writer then moves on to repeat the views of WHO that run counter to the policy of the Trump administration and decry the President’s decision with the claim that it would hurt WHO’s health projects in many parts of the world. Well, this IS the point of slashing WHO’s funding—to question its worldwide practices not just in COVID 19 crisis but elsewhere because WHO has shown that it doesn’t hold credibility.

Later in the post, the writer says:

More than the money, researchers worry about the loss of collaboration.

This again is beating about the bush because collaboration with a suspect or questionable partner doesn’t make sense. In fact, reliance on such a partner is counter to good work ethics. Researchers should be independent of other groups in both means and finances otherwise they become operatives of the same web. Interestingly the writer goes on to say that China is going to fund the WHO with $2 billion for coronavirus response. Thus the writer’s own story shows that it’s all about money and as she continues to repeat the emphasis on funding the WHO, she cites one of her “experts” named Lee again, saying:

“If the US pulls out and leaves a vacuum, it will be filled by other countries, like China,” she says. “You’ll see a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

So the post’s propaganda position in favor of WHO defeats itself by admitting that the WHO is a slot machine and whoever puts more coins in there, owns it. And if you refuse to play the machine, it’ll be your loss because others will own it.

But who gives a damn about owning a machine that you don’t want to own anymore? That is where the writer’s “expertise” collapse.

Amy Maxmen’s post in Nature is lame propaganda serving globalist establishment and particularly the WHO. It scores 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

Terrorist-Friendly Rolling Stone Attacks Dr. Judy Mikovits

Since Dr. Judy Mikovits attracted a great deal of attention for her video interview, which is part of the upcoming documentary Plandemic, establishment-run propaganda cartels pounced on her to trash and shame her—a sign of panic among those that get the first sting with the whip of truth. Rolling Stone is one of those leftist propaganda outlets that viciously attacked Dr. Mikovits.

The title of its propaganda piece Judy Mikovits, Disgraced Doctor at the Center of ‘Plandemic,’ Has a Bestselling Book on Amazon alone is enough to say it all about Rolling Stone. They are so pissed that Dr. Mikovits is getting an audience and her book is selling like hot cakes that they are literally screaming out at her and people who are reading her revelations about the deeply compromised academic world of manipulated science and corporate-catering research.

The Rolling Stone story, posted under the name EJ Dickson, trashes Dr. Mikovits’ book without bothering to prove how what it says is wrong or questionable. The propaganda post refers to Dr. Mikovits “fall from grace” and cites other leftist publications like NPR and New York Times to depict Mikovits as a villain with the obvious intent of discouraging people from buying her book or watching her video interview that threw the establishment media and political cartels in a state of panic so much so that YouTube had to delete her interview video.

But speaking of “fall from grace” and “disgraced” it is worthwhile to take a glimpse of what Rolling Stone has done for its own badge of “grace”. In its infamous and disgusting edition of July 17, 2013, the Islamist terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—the culprit in the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15th, 2013—received a carefully worded tribute by the publication as it depicted the terrorist attack of Tsarnaev brothers as more a tragedy than a disgusting, planned terror attack on Americans by Islamist migrants. Rolling Stone would go on to feature Tsarnaev on their cover of August 01, 2013—an act of disgraced propaganda supporting enemies of America.

This support for an Islamic terrorist by Rolling Stone drew then censure on multiple fronts. Erick Stakelbeck in his 2015 book ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam called Rolling Stone a “leftist propaganda rag masquerading as a serious music journal” that portrayed a terrorist murderer as “a sort of misunderstood brooding ten pinup” (129).

Interestingly, Rolling Stone tags its propaganda post against Judy Mikovits and her book as Culture News. It’s because they seem not to have the category Propaganda Unbound to rightfully place this story, which ranks 10/10 and then some on Skepticle Scale and reeks of jaundiced thoughts even stronger.

CBS Echoes Debunked Polio Vaccine Success Story

Leftist propaganda outlet CBS News repeated the debunked claims about victory against polio with vaccination in a story “How the fight against polio was won” that was featured on Yahoo News (of course).

The story repeats the clichéd alleged history of widespread polio cases around the world. The stats provided are without source and any mention of method of verification. The story claims:

After World War II, polio became an ever-greater national threat:  “The three-year statistics run 50,000 polio cases, 103,000 cases, 122,000 cases,” Cronkite said. “Where will it end?”  

No source of the stats is provided. No details of by whom and by what means the diagnoses were made are included. And at best the story’s claim remains just that: an unsupported, unverified claim.

Then the story repeats the often-cited case of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt who was allegedly a victim of polio.

He told correspondent Rita Braver that one pivotal adult was left paralyzed from the waist down: Franklin D. Roosevelt, who would later become president. Roosevelt was 39 years old when he contracted the disease.

This is an uncorroborated claim echoed over and over to make it sound like a fact. But no medical proof was ever provided of Roosevelt having polio; he wasn’t lab tested and like all polio diagnosis back then, it was just a few symptoms the doctor had to look at and declare it polio. Now, with improved knowledge it is believed that at least some (or I’ll say any) of those cases can’t be called polio but other conditions that have exactly the same symptoms. That is why FDR’s polio diagnosis is challenged now and at least some scientists believe he had Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Since all these stories are basically advertorials for the vaccine mafia masked as journalistic articles or analyses, it wasn’t unexpected to see this coming in the story in question.

Sixty-five years later, with polio all but eradicated, it remains to be seen if the creators of a coronavirus vaccine will feel the same way. 

That’s something to laugh at because there is evidence that the polio vaccine prevented or stopped polio or that polio was a highly contagious disease at all. In fact the polio vaccines brought its own diseases, disabilities, and polio epidemics to the people who either took the vaccine or happened to be in communities that were vaccinated. The failure of the polio vaccine and the real causes behind the “disappearance” of polio are highlighted in Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ presentation.

The CBS story in question is essentially a promotional piece for the vaccine mafia and lacks evidence to back its claims some of which, like the Roosevelt contracting polio, are already discarded by revised historical records. On Skepticle Scale, this story is a full 10/10.

Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed Celebrates Release of Muslim Democrat Thief

Democrats in America are capitalizing on the corona scare to benefit politically from the emergency and getting their criminals released from prisons is a significant component of their corona politics. At the same time, leftist propaganda machinery plays a key role in this quest.

On April 10, The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an opinion piece by what appears to be a typical left-wing propagandist, named Jenice Armstrong, titled “Movita Johnson-Harrell is one of the lucky ones. Releasing more nonviolent inmates is the humane thing to do”. The propagandist hails the decision to release Movita Johnson-Harrell early from prison due to the coronavirus emergency.

Movita Johnson-Harrell, the first female Muslim member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was sworn into office on March 25, 2019. In December that year, she resigned from her seat as she was arrested for stealing more than half a million ($500, 000) dollars from a charity called Motivations Education & Consultation Associates, which she established. She pled guilty and was serving a 3-month sentence in Philadelphia County Prison, which was to be followed by eight-and-a-half months of house arrest. But she was released about a month early by the state, using the corona scare as justification.

Jenice Armstrong celebrates the early release of the black, female, Muslim Democrat criminal.

Releasing nonviolent prisoners who are near the end of their sentences is humane, which is why I applaud authorities for granting an early release to former State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell.

To justify her support for Johnson-Harrell’s release, Armstrong goes on to rationalize about the nature of crime she committed.

It’s not about releasing rapists and murderers and others who are a threat to society. This is about about letting out more nonviolent offenders, those like Johnson-Harrell

Ignoring the repetition of “about” in that line—which shows the limp editorial process of the paper—Armstrong’s attempt at rationalizing her support for Johnson-Harrell’s release is as lame as the publication’s editorial standards. Thieves are a big threat to any society; that is why they locked up. Calling a thief “nonviolent offender” doesn’t lessen the gravity of their crime. The criminal she supports already got a slap on the wrist for stealing such a big amount from a “charity” that she herself deceptively established to help people in her poor African-American neighborhood.

Armstrong’s propaganda post for a liberal criminal is yet another example of political puppetry masked as commentary. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale and is jaundiced enough to call for an editorial quarantine of the paper that allowed it.

NYT Blames Florida Government for COVID 19 Cases without Evidence

Leftist propaganda daily The New York Times (NYT) is known for its fake news and agenda-driven “reporting” and their new story on coronavirus cases supposedly caused by gatherings in Florida further strengthens their hold in the fake news arena.

The story by Patricia Mazzei and Frances Robles was featured today in Yahoo News under the title “The Costly Toll of Not Shutting Down Spring Break Earlier”. It blames the government of Florida for not announcing shutdowns and banning people from gathering early enough to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID 19) infection that presumably caused the death of some people who attended those gatherings.

The story highlights the Winter Party Festival, a beachside dance party and fundraiser for the LGBTQ community held March 4-10. In other words, a gay event, which could be prevented by the organizers of the event, namely National LGBTQ Task Force, had they decided to cancel the event in the wake of the coronavirus. But since the NYT  is a known leftist propaganda platform that won’t pint a finger at homosexuals or their “non-profits”, their story simply puts the blame on the administration in Florida, particularly the Republican governor of the state.

Slow action by Florida’s governor left local leaders scrambling to make their own closure decisions during one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year for a state with an $86 billion tourism economy.  

This laughable and obviously political blame game directed at Florida’s conservative governor is not the only example of mock reporting in the NYT story in question. The writers fill the page(s) with uncorroborated stories of deaths and sicknesses from COVID 19 that they connect to the Miami Beach LGBTQ event. Prominent among them is the first case of the death of a gay man who went to the party, a death that media attributed to COVID 19.

The first festivalgoer to die was Israel Carrera, a 40-year-old Lyft and Uber driver who spent several days in the hospital in Miami Beach before his death March 26. His boyfriend, who also attended, got mildly sick and is now making plans to deliver Carrera’s ashes to his surviving family in Cuba.

There is no evidence of Carrera’s death resulting from COVID 19. Instead his death seems very suspicious from the information available about him in some media. For example in Miami Helard, it was reported that 40 year old Israel Carrera—a Cuban refugee who became US citizen under the wet foot, dry foot immigration policy for Cuban refugees—was “healthy as a horse”
 before the party and lived with his 27-year-old husband Christian López in North Miami. Lopez is cited in the story saying

López said it is a mistake to assume that Carrera was infected with the coronavirus at the Winter Festival. He could have caught it at the grocery store or from one of his Uber or Lyft passengers. “No one knows,” he said.

That part is of course omitted entirely from the NYT propaganda story to make sure it doesn’t raise questions about the cause of COVID 19 in Carrera, who went to the party not with his husband but with a boyfriend named Franco Conquista (Aha, so he had a BF too! Did his husband know?) Here’s Conquista’s statement:

He couldn’t breathe, so he wanted to go to the hospital, and then, he was at the hospital for four or five days. Then, they put him to sleep because he was really agitated, and then, he never woke up again.

“They put him to sleep and he never woke again.” Very interesting and sad at the same time. Was it over-sedation? Anything happened at the hospital? Why was he really agitated? No mention of any of these in the stories—and you don’t expect in the kind of propaganda reporting we have on all these outlets. But it’s all very suspicious, especially in the absence of an autopsy that would determine the real cause of death.

The NYT story goes on to randomly pick people who attended one or another event and would test positive a number of days later for COVID 19. No scientific proof is provided for a single case that would rule out other causes of sickness or catching the so-called “virus” from any other venue/object they came in contact with over the course of all their days.

The NYT story in question is garden-variety leftist political propaganda not worth reading let alone believing a word of it. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

Fox and ABC Post Saudi Nurse Video to Promote Corona Lockdowns

The globalist-run corona hype has been used to hit America and the west with lockdowns and shutdowns. The pro-lockdown propaganda not only employs pseudo-science but also cheesy sentimental material to influence the masses. The video of a Saudi nurse refusing his little son a hug on returning from hospital is one such lame attempt of emotional exploitation.

The video which seems to have appeared on Facebook first and uploaded by the nurse himself, was shared on March 27 in mainstream American media – notably by two popular channels: ABC News and Fox News. The video shows the nurse named Naser Ali Al-Shahrani who enters his house, still dressed in his scrubs, and his son comes running to him for a hug but he asks his son in Arabic not to do it and then he sits down and appears to get emotional and crying.

The message in the video can be summarized thus: these poor nurses cannot hug their innocent little kids because they have been in a place and patients who have such dangerous    

ABC titled the video post “Nurse breaks down as he refuses his son’s hug after work” and Fox had to be more dramatic so it chose to call it “Saudi nurse breaks down as he’s forced to refuse son’s hug after work”. (Forced to?) The post was quickly replicated in other propaganda mobs (yeah – those that are wrongly called media).

Now let me get this straight. A guy knows he is carrying such dangerous, killing pathogens in his hospital uniform and probably on his body that he won’t let his son get close to him, yet he enters his house in the uniform while somebody happens to be recording the video of him refusing a hug from his son. My questions would be: why is the guy entering his house in his hospital uniform during such a supposedly deadly pandemic that he can carry into his house with his uniform? Did he not disinfect himself at the hospital before leaving? He could even change in his car while parked and apply sanitizer before entering his house, assuming his rich country’s hospitals doesn’t have a room where nurses can change and disinfect before leaving for homes.

But in case he had to return his home possibly infected, wouldn’t he just text his wife to keep the child (and herself) in a room until he gets home and cleans himself. Then he would give his son the hug that kid so very deserved and his wife or whoever was recording didn’t have to record a “heartbreaking” moment. Well, where would be the drama and 5 seconds of fame then?

ABC, Fox, and other outlets didn’t have a story except a couple lines without bothering to include where they got the video from, whether they tried to contact the nurse for any details, what hospital he works at, etc etc. And the video itself is edited and shows repetition of the scene to make it more emotional. After all, 15 seconds of watching the same thing will have a better emotional impact than mere 5 sec!

The video of Saudi Nurse posted as a news story on Fox, ABC, and others is part of the globalist propaganda that aims to further lockdowns and shutdowns and damage the US and the west to let the globalists take over while they are weakened by the panic. It ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.

The Bolton News Shamefully Quiet about Barbaric Murderer of British Child

It was a day of public disgrace for British presstitutes—the way they covered up for the murderer who slaughtered a 7-year-old girl in broad daylight in today’s Britain. And an even more shameful one for the American propaganda cartels that simply blacked out on the story.

While I looked up the story in multiple sources, and all lamestream outlets were pathetically alike in reporting on it, the one that caught my attention was The Bolton News. They called the story “Tragic Emily was killed as she played on her scooter, inquest hears”.

And just like the title, the story avoids the mention of any clue of the murderer’s identity except that it was “a female sat on the bench” who attacked the child and a little later as a “30-year-old woman, who was not known to Emily’s family.” No name no ethnicity no description and not a picture or any word written about the culprit who attacked and slaughtered this child at the park in front on her family.

BBC and other propaganda outlets have done the same thing as The Bolton News—turn a violent crime story into a sob story that attempts to make people sorry and shattered for the child but completely take their minds off the savage killer. And when does it happen in establishment propaganda mobs? Nealry always when the killer is an immigrant, particularly a Muslim immigrant from a shithole country. And that some claim is the case in this crime.

Voice of Europe posted on April 4th that the barbarian who slaughtered the child was a Somali woman. And it mentioned the cover-up for the killer by the media.

Shockingly, the nationality of Somali attacker was never mentioned by the UK’s mainstream press in what appears to have been an attempt to bury the story.

The American press and other globalist international outlets went mum on the story. Would this be the case if a white Christian woman had seriously injured her own baby let alone brutally murdered someone else’s in broad daylight?

The silence of the pro-criminal media was also called out on social media. One Twitter user ‘The Conqueror’ commented:

The Bolton News post about little Emily’s barbaric and violent murder is a disgrace and is as good as the murder of journalism itself. Its rank on Skepticle Scale is a shameful 10/10 and implies complicity in the heinous crime of a terrorist.

The Conversation – AKA Conversion to the Vaccine Worship Cult

The coronavirus 19 scare is being exposed as a hype and political-pharmaceutical scheme of control every passing day by skeptics. However, vaccine advertisers are taking this opportunity to use the corona “pandemic” to sell the history of polio incidence as proof of vaccination’s success.

An academician named Carl Kurlander of the University of Pittsburgh, PA, published an article “The deadly polio epidemic and why it matters for coronavirus” in The Conversation on March 25th. In the article, he includes the clichéd narrative of how it was all gloom-and-doom due to a polio epidemic worldwide until the polio vaccine arrived in the 1950s. All that old story of made-up numbers and sloppy inferences I have answered in my blogs elsewhere.

But it’s worth noticing that the author refers to President Roosevelt’s “polio” – or what was assumed at that time. The author writes:

President Roosevelt, who kept his own paralysis from polio hidden from the public, organized the nonprofit National Institute of Infant Paralysis, later known as the March of Dimes.

What he doesn’t seem to know, or chooses to ignore in his story is the revision of the long-held (and propagated) history bite that Roosevelt had polio. It’s been found as early as October 2003 that new evidence suggests that Roosevelt didn’t have polio, but Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

This puts those widely propagated numbers of the nearly 58 thousand polio cases of 1952 in US to speculation and skeptics of the vaccine-centered narrative of polio history have been raising this question for years now. Due to the lack of wide-scale lab-testing for poliovirus, doctors back then diagnosed patients based on a few symptoms of polio that are shared with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and a number of other conditions. How many were the lab-confirmed cases of polio in those years? This is the question that vaccine advertisers won’t take up, and for obvious reasons.

Jumping to make pre-believed assumptions for conclusions is another feature of vaccine propaganda. Thus our author in question here goes on to conclude:

Ultimately, poliomyelitis was conquered in 1955 by a vaccine developed by Jonas Salk and his team at the University of Pittsburgh.

Many expert vaccine skeptics have debunked this claim over and over. I’ll link to Dr. Suzanne Humphries talk on this topic. Her 2013 book Dissolving Illusions is a treasure of information and reference literature in medical history.

Carl Kurlander’s article on polio is rehashed vaccine mafia’s propaganda that’s debunked and exposed as fake history and fake success story with the single purpose of vaccine advocacy. His article ranks 10/10 on Skepticle Scale.